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Bitnovo Voucher 50 EUR

Are you a first-time bitcoin buyer looking to get started? This Bitnovo Voucher entitles you to €10 in safe prepaid credit, which you can use to purchase bitcoin and more than 20 more cryptocurrencies quickly. You may do far more with Bitcoins than you may have imagined before, so don't wait any longer and make this investment! 

Purchase the Bitnovo Voucher cards, and as soon as your money is processed, your Bitnovo voucher code will be sent to your email within minutes. You will be able to redeem it immediately into your cryptocurrency wallet. It's just that simple! Choose this 50 EUR Bitnovo voucher for all your cryptocurrency requirements on, and benefit from rapid transactions and a diverse selection of cryptocurrencies.

How to redeem your code
There are two ways to redeem your Bitnovo voucher: Either online or in the Bitnovo app.
On the Bitnovo website:

  • Visit the Bitnovo redeem page and log in.
  • Choose the cryptocurrency you want to redeem your prepaid credit for.
  • Enter your crypto wallet address.
  • Enter the voucher code you received from us. And, if applicable, a PIN as well - but for most countries that is not necessary.
  • Click “redeem” and that’s it!

In the Bitnovo app:

  • Download the Bitnovo app from the Google Play Store or App Store and log in.
  • Select the “vouchers” icon from the main menu screen.
  • Once on the redeem page, the app will automatically fill in the address of your Bitnovo Wallet, so just fill in the code on the voucher you received from us to store your bitcoin there. If you want to redeem your code for another cryptocurrency,  enter your external crypto wallet address in the field offered.
  • If a PIN is required, you will be asked to enter it (not necessary for most countries).
  • Submit and you’re done!

Your new crypto coins  will show up after a short waiting time of approximately half an hour in your crypto wallet.
Note: You can only store bitcoin in the Bitnovo Wallet, so if you want to redeem your code for another cryptocurrency, make sure you have an external wallet to send them to.

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