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Using an alternate bank card, you may use the CASHU Card to pay for your internet purchases. You should use your card everywhere as a payment network is accepted in most cases. Compared to utilizing other credit cards, it is safer and more straightforward. Purchase this 10 EUR, and you will be able to purchase online for your little necessities quickly.
You may quickly add extra prepaid credit to your CASHU wallet using this CASHU Card. Choose from various payment options available throughout the globe, and your gift card number will be issued quickly via email. It may be used to replenish the balance of your digital account instantly. And you’re ready to pay online using the biggest and most recognized payment methods in the Middle East, North Africa, and the African continent.

How to redeem your code
Follow these simple steps to top up your CASHU wallet with the code you received from us:

In just a few moments your new balance will be visible in your CASHU account. You can then spend it directly online at online merchants, which accept CASHU as a payment method.

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