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CASHU Card 200 USD

Customers may pay and transfer money online using CASHU, which offers prepaid virtual and physical Mastercard. Purchase this $200 CASHU card, and you’ll be ready to go on a shopping binge! Presently, this card is recognized by more than thousands of online retailers worldwide, who have had the opportunity to develop their companies in the MENA area seamlessly and safely, while providing their goods and services to millions of shoppers dwelling in this quickly increasing region.
You may use this $200 CASHU wallet to make purchases from CASHU direct sellers, or you can generate a prepaid virtual Mastercard and use it on any eCommerce site that allows transactions using a prepaid digital Mastercard to make purchases from any other eCommerce site.

How to redeem your code
Follow these simple steps to top up your CASHU wallet with the code you received from us:

In just a few moments your new balance will be visible in your CASHU account. You can then spend it directly online at online merchants, which accept CASHU as a payment method.

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