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ecoVoucher 75 EUR

By utilizing ecoVoucher, you may pay for goods and services online in the same manner as you would with cash. This 75 EURecoVoucher PINs may be purchased and used to make purchases at any website that accepts ecoVoucher. Since it requires no bank details or credit cards, it's accessible to everyone. On the ecoPayz website, you may access your account. Using the drop-down menu, choose "Deposit money." It will display as a separate tab under the "Deposit money" section of your ecoAccount if it is available. To deposit money into a currency other than the one you currently have, choose the currency account in your account.
Please enter the 18-digit ecoVoucher key that has been supplied to your email address. You should utilize the whole amount of an ecoVoucherat the moment of the purchase when redeeming it. Please double-check that the ecoVoucher you're using has the correct account and credit amount chosen and that the information shown in the check box is correct. EcoPayz verified that your top-up was successful, and your new balance is now ready for use.

How does it work?
To redeem your ecoPayz ecoVoucher you can either use the code to pay in webshops, and on online entertainment sites that accepts ecoVoucher. Or, if eligible in your country, use ecoVoucher to top up your ecoPayz account by following these simple steps:

  • Log in to your ecoPayz account.
  • Go to "Deposit funds" in the menu.
  • If eligible in your country, the ecoVoucher option will be available as a separate tab within the “Deposit funds” section of your ecoAccount.
  • If that is the case in your account, simply select the currency account that you wish to deposit your funds into.
  • Enter the 18-digit ecoVoucher code, that you received from us.
  • Enter the amount of your prepaid voucher (all ecoVouchers must be redeemed in full) and select your preferred currency.
  • Double check that you have chosen the correct account and amount of credit on the ecoVoucher, and that all information shown on the confirmation screen is correct.
  • Your top-up is successful and your new ecoPayz balance is now ready to be used!

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