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FIFA 23 Points PC 4600 FUT Points

How to buy FIFA Points for PS, Xbox, Switch and mobile
You can easily get more FUT Points for any platform or game console. Just by a prepaid card for the platform you play the game on.

Once you have topped up the balance of your game console, you can buy in-game credit for FIFA 22 as easily as for any other game!
How to use FIFA 23 Points
These FIFA Points, or FUT Points, are the in-game currency for the insanely-popular FIFA 22 Ultimate Team game. Improve your team quickly and enhance your gameplay. Exchange them in the FUT 20 Store for packs that contain a random collection of new players, former players (Icons), trainers, kits and realistic club items. Packs and players are sorted into 4 categories: bronze, silver, gold and special. Each increasing in Point cost but also higher in value and advantage. If you are pleased with your pack’s contents, keep them and apply them to your team or otherwise sell them in-game for FIFA Coins. Try it out for yourself and see what you get! Just redeem your code to your Origin account, open a pack and ensure the win with a FIFA Gift Card!

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