Crypto enthusiasts around the world know that there are many ways to use this alternative form of currency. In addition to buying, trading, or selling your Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other digital coins, did you know that you can also use them to purchase gift cards?

Many participating brands are cashing in on this lucrative opportunity, benefitting both their business and the shoppers who use them. This includes big names like American Express, Amazon, Google, and more.

Today, we're talking about the first brand on that list. Read on to discover how to score an instant American Express gift card just by using your cryptos!

How Can You Use an American Express Gift Card?

Before we dive into how you can cash your cryptocurrencies in for cards, let's take a step back. What can you do with an American Express gift card and why would you want one? This entity is one of the most powerful and renowned leaders in the financial industry. heralded for their commitment to excellence and their customer service.

Put simply, you can use this card at virtually any establishment in the United States and the District of Columbia that also accepts conventional AmEx credit cards. The only exception? You can't use an AmEx gift card to help cover recurring billing or at an ATM.

When you're ready to use your gift card, there's one important consideration to keep in mind. Certain types of businesses will require a pre-authorization on your card, which could be higher than the amount you need to pay.

For instance, a gas station might pre-program your pump to a set dollar amount. For this reason, it's best to go inside and pay at the register if you're using an AmEx gift card -- not at the pump. Similarly, tip-oriented businesses (such as restaurants or salons) could add a fixed-percentage gratuity to your total, intended to cover their tip.

If you want to avoid these overages, you can request the business you're visiting to only authorize your card to a specific dollar amount. This can help you avoid any last-minute surprises when you go to pay.

How to Get an AmEx Gift Card With Crypto

Not too long ago, if you wanted to buy a gift card for someone you loved, you'd need to drive to the store, browse the array of options, and make your selection in person. While it might have taken quite a while, the effort was worth it! According to one report, more than 50% of Americans prefer gift cards on special occasions and holidays.

Although this may be one gift that will never go out of style, gone are the days when you had to make the trek to a brick-and-mortar store to get one. In recent years, it's become increasingly popular to make gift card purchases online, with buyers opting for a mobile QR code, online certificate, or form they can print from home.

While remote access offers a great deal of convenience, the process is even easier with crypto transactions. At Giftcardsify, we help people use their digital assets to buy the cards they know their loved ones will appreciate. Let's take a closer look at how it works.

Brief History

It's hard to believe that the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic occurred more than three years ago. In 2020, we decided to start our company to help friends and family members find gifts for their loved ones in a safe, appropriate way. They couldn't see one another in person, but with our cards, they could show that they care.

You can learn more about our history and mission on our About Us page!

Coins Accepted

Our team at Giftcardsify processes gift card transactions via two primary types of cryptocurrency:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

When you use one of these currencies to make your purchase, you can rest assured that the process will be smooth, seamless, and secure.

Customizing by Occasion

Looking for a special way to show you care? We're happy to help you commemorate a special activity, memory, or event with an AmEx gift card. To date, some of the different occasion cards we offer include:

  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Black Friday
  • Christmas Day
  • Fathers Day
  • Mothers Day
  • New Years Day
  • Valentines Day

This special touch shows that you put time and thought into the recipient's gift! However, you didn't have to gather intel from a variety of different information sources just to find the right present.

What Are the Perks?

Tech-savvy professionals may already know that buying gift cards with crypto is a smart way to give physical value to their digital earnings. Yet, others who are new to this space might not be as familiar with the process. Here are a few reasons why this is a smart move.


As mentioned, the chief reason that most people use cryptocurrency to buy gift cards (including AmEx) is simple: They're more convenient.

You're not burning gas trying to visit a store and pick out a gift. No more wandering the aisles aimlessly wondering if you picked up the right gift for Aunt Mary. Rather, you can give your loved ones what they really want: the power to pick out their own gift!


When crypto investors use their earnings to buy gift cards, we'll process them right away. Then, we'll send them directly to their inboxes. If you can check your mail, then you can access, download, and use your AmEx gift card as soon as possible.

Being able to offer these instant transactions is another great perk and a reason why these make such great gifts!


There's a reason why so many people prefer gift cards over any other type of gift: They're flexible and versatile! The recipient can use their AmEx card to make purchases from a variety of different establishments, from major retailers to chain restaurants, online marketplaces, and more.

Remind them to check with the owner or clerk of the business before checking out to make sure AmEx is accepted where they're shopping. As long as it is, they're good to go! There's a sense of freedom with financial flexibility, as it allows shoppers to go almost anywhere without having to carry cash or a million different cards.


Especially in the Digital Age, there's something to be said about an online transaction that leaves you feeling secure and confident. Often, the opposite holds true.

We enter our credit card information, press "purchase" and hope that our sensitive financial data isn't being compromised. As a result, one report shows that more than 60% of people are worried about the security of their personal information online.

When you make a purchase with crypto instead, you can be confident that your data is safe. Whether you're paying with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another secure channel, it's a much more secure process, chiefly because there isn't a middle third party that can intercept and access the information without your knowledge. Crypto is a form of decentralized finance, so the transaction is only between you and the other party.

Customer Support

When you use crypto to buy a gift card from American Express, you'll have direct access to the company's robust customer support team. They will be available to assist you with any step, and can answer all of the questions that you might have.

Whether you were one of the early adopters or you're still new to the crypto space, this process can be a little daunting, so be sure to leverage this service!

How Does It Work?

Are you ready to harness the power of blockchain technology to buy AmEx gift cards? Our process makes it quick and easy to do so. Here's how to do it.

  1. Step 1: Select the card value you want, and the number of gift cards you need. Then, click the "Add to Cart" button
  2. Step 2: Pay for the card via your preferred crypto solution (e.g. Bitcoin and Ethereum)
  3. Step 3: Receive and open the link to your online gift card, which you'll receive one to three minutes later

When you purchase an AmEx card from us, the card value will precisely match how much you paid. All that's left is to decide if you'll share it or decide to spend it yourself!

Buy an AmEx Gift Card Today

While crypto adoption continues to soar, companies are looking for more ways to enter the market. Now, this means that some of your favorite companies, including AmEx are offering gift cards for purchase via cryptocurrency.

Are you interested in maximizing crypto holdings? Or, are you simply looking for a convenient and practical gift that you know your friend or relative will love? Either way, Giftcardsify can help.

Feel free to check out our different website sections to learn more about what we offer. Then, sign up for an account to get started and purchase an American Express gift card today!

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