November is the convergence of the three greats. We have Thanksgiving, cyber Monday, and of course Black Friday.

If you are looking for Black Friday 2023 to make the most of crypto deals, then you have come to the right place.

Black Friday is not until November 24th. But as a crypto enthusiast, you don't need to wait until November to start making plans.

Below we have a list of the best crypto Black Friday deals you can enjoy.

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano is a hardware wallet that houses 26 different types of crypto coins. This list encompasses the most popular currencies including a few that are new to the market.

Ledger Nano S also supports several tokens. The French startup; Ledger, which is behind the wallet, started in 2014 and has seen tremendous growth.

Ledger specializes in hardware wallets. This makes it safer than software wallets which are vulnerable to hacks.

A hardware wallet is a type of cold crypto wallet. What it means is that it works offline.

A hardware wallet is a stripped computer cased within a flash drive. The wallet can only complete a limited number of actions such as approve transactions. This limit in complexity is what protects the wallets from hackers.

At the core of hardware wallets are private keys. The keys are not physical keys used to unlock your wallet.

Instead, it is an expression for describing a set of encrypted information that is needed to complete transactions. The mathematical concept used in designing crypto keys is cryptography.

With the private key, a user can access their crypto coins, purchase products, or even complete transfers.

It is important to note that the wallet is not the actual storage space for cryptocurrency. It is just the place containing information about your coins on the blockchain.

The Ledger Nano wallets also come with around 24 words that are regarded as seed phrases. These phrases are important for the setup process.

What We Love

  • Very secure
  • Not expensive
  • Available in different colors
  • Supports 26 types of coins

Not Our Favorite

  • Limited internal storage

The Sale

Ledger has a few sales to brighten your day.

Crypto enthusiasts can enjoy 30% off both Nano S Plus and Nano X wallets. This coupon will allow you to mix up wallet colors.

The sale also encompasses different packages.

You can enjoy a 10% discount on the Ledger Family Pack X and Ledger Family Pack S Plus. The Privacy Protection Pack and the Ledger Backup Pack are also on sale with 10% off.

Buyers also have free shipping to be thankful for with some of these Thanksgiving day deals.

Our ultimate purchase tip is that you buy all devices from the official website. Since you will be burying your treasure in the wallets, purchasing from the official site is one of the best ways to ensure you get an authentic one. It will also protect you from buying compromised wallets.


Coinbase is one of the biggest crypto trading platforms in the US. Not only does support 120 different coins but it also allows for various collectible exchanges.

Coinbase is a result of the programming genius of former Airbnb engineer Brian Armstrong in 2012. After a Y Combinator startup incubator program, Coinbase began to fly.

It received some extra funding from Series A and venture capitalists to grow its roots beyond the country.

In 2014, the company got its first million users. And today it has more than 108 million users, in 100 countries with over $130 billion worth of assets.

The platform is also licensed with the New York Department of Financial Service.

It has a simple user interface which is great for any first-time trader. And it supports all leading coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin and a variety of NFT products.

What We Love:

  • Very securing
  • Licensed
  • Instant exchange feature
  • The shift card or Coinbase Visa debit card
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface

Not Our Favorite

  • Relatively high fees

The Sale

Coinbase is going the extra mile with its deals. It has deals welcoming newcomers and those geared for platform veterans.

The signup bonus is for newcomers and promises around $400 in rewards. It doesn't seem to have any requirement other than you being a member of the Coinbase community.

Coinbase also has "coin-based" promotions. Another in this same category

Beyond that, the platform offers varying bonuses and rewards for traders within its network.

In the interest of knowledge, Coinbase also offers learning rewards. These are bonuses you receive for completing a course.

The courses are about different coins and tokens emerging in this American exchange ecosystem. A few good examples include:

$5 in ACS when you complete an Access course, $4 in GRT for The Graph course, and $3 NEAR for a complete NEAR Protocol program.

Combined, any trader could receive over $18 in crypto just by learning how the systems, coins, and tokens work.


CEX.IO is one of the oldest crypto exchanges in the industry but one that is not slowing down.

The exchange started in 2013 as a crypto-mining platform in London. The idea didn't hold. And the cloud mine was dissolved. However, the company remained and just took a different direction.

It became an exchange platform.

What makes CEX.IO unique is its open policy when it comes to exchange. Instead of a tight crypto-to-crypto pairing ship, CEX.IO allows users to use Fiat funds to purchase coins.

This flexibility means that traders can rely on their native currency to exchange crypto.

When it comes to safety, the exchange remains one of the best in the industry. It hasn't reported incidents of losing customer coins.

Did we also mention that CEX.OI is fully regulated? When it comes to safety, they don't leave room for error.

CEX.OI uses cold storage for its customers' coins. It is also reported that only a few, selected employees have access to user data.

But the safety demand also means that