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Perx Virtual Mastercard 10 EUR

Buy your Perx Virtual Mastercard online

Using a credit card has its perks, but it also has cons. If you have a credit card, think about that. Are you concerned about the safety of the information you provide on the internet? Is it preferable to use your credit card without going over the limit? Perx Virtual MasterCard is a great option for you if this is the case! As long as you've accrued enough credit on your Mastercard, you're free to use it as you usually would with a conventional Mastercard.
Prepaid and redeemable Perx Virtual MasterCards may be used in France and overseas to pay and withdraw money. The Mastercard network allows you to use this card in almost any place. Spend 10 EUR on a Perx Virtual MasterCard and have a buying spree with your pals.

How it works

To redeem your Perx Instant Credit Card:

  • Go to the Perx redeem page and enter the code you received from us.
  • Confirm your entry and you will receive an email from Perx with your instant credit card details. If you don’t receive an email from Perx within a few minutes, please make sure to check your spam folder.
    Open the email from Perx and click on the link to view the details of you virtual credit card.
  • Enter a (your) name to redeem the virtual card. Please keep in mind that the name you enter will be the name your virtual credit card is registered to. Click on redeem and you will be shown your Perx credit card details immediately.

You are now able to use your virtual credit card.

Use the Perx credit card number, CVC code and expiry date just like a normal credit card to pay for purchases online. Please keep in mind that a fee of 2.7% applies for every purchase and make sure that you have enough prepaid credit on your card to cover the total value of your purchase plus the fee. Any remaining credit on your Virtual Prepaid MasterCard can be saved for later use. If you want to, you can link your Prepaid Mastercard to a Perx account to review your purchase history. You can also merge cards (a fee may apply). To check the remaining credit on your Perx card you don’t need an account. Just use the Perx Quick Credit Check online.

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